Kaitlin Maier is the owner and maker behind Shady Birch Design. Originally from the United States, Kaitlin has a long history of creating art and seeking inspiration from new places.

Shady Birch Design was founded in February 2020, with opportunity and empowerment at its core. The name is derived from her love of the silver birch tree - which symbolizes protection and new beginnings. Having lived and worked in Germany, Austria, and currently Switzerland, Kaitlin believes in the beauty of change and the unknown.

Currently, Kaitlin lives in Zürich, Switzerland with her husband and two assistants (Gatsby & Daisy). She is a 4th grade teacher by day, and an earring maker by night. Kaitlin is a beer enthusiast, cat-advocate, and lover of all things simple and beautiful.

Shady Birch earrings are designed and crafted with love and intention, as each pair is designed & created over several days with care. Our aim is to help women feel exquisite and empowered. 


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